Malmo, Skane Apr 4, 2024  – Codertal, a leading provider of on-demand IT contractor solutions with a presence in select parts of Europe, is thrilled to announce its ambitious expansion into the lucrative markets of the United States and the Nordic region. In a recent interview, Catherine Castillo, Codertal’s Director of Sales and Business Development, and Mircea Ioan Soit, CEO and Founder, shared insights into the company’s strategic vision and growth trajectory.
With the global demand for skilled IT professionals on the rise, Codertal is ready to capitalize on emerging opportunities in key regions. Catherine Castillo emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier IT contractor solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients in the US and the Nordics. “Our expansion into these markets represents a significant milestone for Codertal,” she remarked. Since our inception, we’ve achieved 800 successful placements, expanded our database to include 50,000 IT experts, and collaborated with prominent brands including one of the ‘big 4’ consulting firms and a renowned French luxury fashion house, as well as a leading French hotel chain and a flagship airline. Although we currently maintain a minimal presence in the US, we’re poised to elevate our presence. We’re thrilled to introduce our innovative approach to on-demand IT staffing to new clients and partners.”
Mircea Ioan Soit echoed Castillo’s sentiments, emphasizing Codertal’s proven track record of success and its preparedness to address the dynamic needs of the industry. “In an era of rapid digital transformation, businesses demand adaptable and scalable IT solutions,” said Mircea. “Codertal stands prepared to deliver agile, top-tier contractor services that foster business expansion and innovation.” Mircea also expressed pride in Codertal’s partnership with a renowned global recruitment firm specializing in iGaming and technology.
Codertal’s expansion into the US and the Nordics builds upon its established reputation for excellence in delivering cost-effective IT contractor solutions globally. By leveraging its extensive network of skilled professionals and its in-house software development experts, Codertal aims to become the go-to partner for businesses seeking to optimize their IT resources and achieve strategic objectives.
The company’s expansion plans include targeted marketing initiatives, strategic partnerships and investments in global talent and infrastructure to ensure seamless service delivery and customer satisfaction. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer-centricity, Codertal is set to redefine the IT contractor landscape in the US and the Nordics.
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