Singapore’s Addlly AI joins Microsoft Gen AI Accelerator Program’s inaugural cohort. Selected from over 100 applicants, Addlly AI stands out for its innovative approach to generative AI and commitment to transforming enterprise content creation.

This 8-week Gen AI Accelerator Program led by BLOCK71 and Microsoft aims to enhance the startup ecosystem by providing Addlly AI access to Microsoft’s go-to-market strategies and BLOCK71’s extensive regional network.

Central to Addlly AI’s vision for the Accelerator Program is developing a groundbreaking generative AI content creation platform designed to leverage first-party client data. By blending in-depth client brand insights with current SEO best practices and market trends, Addlly AI seeks to produce content that not only captivates audiences but also leverages the most current SEO strategies to maximize visibility and impact.

This unique pairing of internal brand insights with external market trends will allow clients using the Addlly AI content generation platform to create compelling blogs, social media posts, newsletters and AI generated images that effectively attract and retain consumer attention.

“We are honored to be among the select group of startups chosen for this transformative journey,” says Tina Chopra, CEO and Co-Founder of Addlly AI. “With Microsoft’s support and BLOCK71’s regional network, we want to accelerate our development and bring our cutting-edge solutions to enterprises across the region. We’re setting our sights on fundamentally transforming how businesses communicate in the digital space by leveraging generative AI to forge deeper connections and drive meaningful engagement.”

Through personalized mentorship and technical support, the program will be a catalyst to propel Addlly AI’s innovative solutions to new heights, further solidifying its position as a cornerstone in the generative AI content creation landscape.