London, June 3, 2024 – Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards (MAIA), the premier global awards ceremony dedicated to financial literacy and education, celebrates its first anniversary on October 15th by announcing that it will open for new award entries on January 3rd, 2023. 

The first awards, held online earlier this year, attracted over 150 entries from around the world, with winners from the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Dubai, and Peru.

Michael Gilmore, MAIA co-founder and seasoned Singapore-based financier, stated, “Inadequate financial knowledge and skills are creating significant challenges worldwide, from poverty to suicide. Inflation and the cost of living crisis are exacerbating this situation. To address this long-term issue, we must identify and promote the most effective solutions globally where they are needed.”

Gilmore added, “This year, Judge Patrick Jenkins, deputy editor of the Financial Times and chair of its Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign (FT FLIC), highlighted the award-winning work in Peru that supports teachers in improving their financial literacy. Similar approaches could significantly inform FT FLIC’s approach. This is why these awards are crucial.”

Another notable 2022 winner was Professor Annamaria Lusardi of Washington DC for her research paper demonstrating the tangible benefits of financial literacy education when implemented effectively, improving the lives and financial outcomes of individuals worldwide.

Trudi Harris, MAIA co-founder and marketing communications expert with over two decades of experience, said, “This is paramount. Many individuals believe financial education is ineffective, but our white paper, “”  highlighted the growing number of innovative solutions that are genuinely making a difference.”

As the Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards approaches its first anniversary, it is time to launch the next round of awards to uncover the next transformative idea in financial literacy.

Harris continued, “From the UK, Blackbullion, a female-led financial program that assists students in securing funding and managing their finances, received special recognition from the judges for its groundbreaking work. It empowers a vulnerable population that faces life-altering decisions with limited information and training. BlackBullion is now expanding globally, and we hope to see more British innovations leading the way.”

Gilmore said, “Entries are open to three broad categories of applicants – individual, non-profit organisations, and for-profit companies – because we want to see the best ideas, regardless of their source, whether it be a charity, a fin-tech start-up or an influencer. This year, a Canadian teacher’s assistant developed Gifting Sense, an app and website, that nearly surpassed the entire University of Chicago and its vast resources.”

Gilmore concluded, “We invite everyone to participate in the MAIAs because that is how we will overcome this challenge.” 

While the award entry website will open on January 3rd, 2023, potential entrants are encouraged to register early for more information. The first panel of judges, representing various sectors of the financial world, will be announced later in October. 

About the MAIAs: Founded by Gilmore and Harris, the MAIAs was established as the first global financial literacy body aiming to combat the global challenge of low financial literacy by identifying and celebrating the most effective solutions. The 2022 winning solutions ranged from academic research on gamifying education to 12-year-old influencers creating videos about money. 

Contact:  Trudi Harris at or Michael Gilmore at  to discuss the MAIAs or for interviews about the problems weak financial literacy is causing, and the emerging solutions to this. 

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