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Addlly AI to Focus on Enhancing AI Model Training and Build Custom AI Playgrounds under the Program

Singapore, Singapore Jun 4, 2024  – Singapore’s generative AI company Addlly AI has been selected for the prestigious GenAI BuildPad 2024 programme. This collaborative effort by AWS Startups, The Generative Beings (TGB), SUPA, and Axrail aims to advance generative AI solutions in Singapore.

The GenAI BuildPad 2024 programme runs until June and supports Singapore-based startups in refining their generative AI capabilities to create transformative products across various sectors, including data, SaaS, development tools, media, business processes, and enterprise solutions. 

“We are very excited to be part of the GenAI BuildPad 2024 cohort,” shares Tina Chopra, CEO and Co-Founder of Addlly AI. “This opportunity will allow us to further refine our AI tools and contribute to shaping the future of generative AI. We look forward to leveraging the resources and expertise provided by AWS Startups, and the other organizing partners.”

As part of the GenAI BuildPad 2024 programme, Addlly AI will gain comprehensive technical deep dives provided by AWS, including hands-on training for deploying frameworks for large language model (LLM) use cases. The Addlly team will also have dedicated business and technical mentors from AWS and the extensive network through on-demand office hours for guidance and support.

Addlly AI will also receive essential resources to accelerate its innovation. These resources will be used to refine their language and image models to achieve the highest standards of performance and accuracy. This opportunity aligns perfectly with the company’s vision of providing a custom-built AI playground for enterprises, enabling Addlly to deliver cutting-edge, tailored AI solutions that meet the growing demands of the market.

Addlly AI will also connect with experts, investors, and enterprise leaders, gaining valuable insights to craft effective Go-To-Market strategies. The programme culminates in a demo day, where Addlly AI will showcase its AI playground for large enterprises.

About Addlly AI: Addlly AI is a marketing workflow platform that uses Generative AI to create end-to-end content in a zero-prompt environment, serving as an for content creation needs. By combining multiple AI technologies and LLMs with human editorial expertise, Addlly AI helps businesses generate targeted marketing content that is fact-checked, on-brand, and SEO-optimized. We offer a suite of AI tools, including the , SEO Blog Copilot, , Newsletter Builder, Press Release Quick Draft, E-commerce EDM, Topic Suggestions, PDF-to-Article, E-Commerce Blog, and more. Our commitment to innovation and quality was recognized with a Bronze Award in the Digital Content Category at the ASEAN Digital Awards 2024.

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Media Contact: Ronie Ganguly, Co-founder Addlly AI
Phone: +65 9152 8252
Company Address: 50 Raffles Place, Level 46, Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623

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Media Contact

Addlly AI

+65 9152 8252

50 Raffles Place, Level 46 Singapore Land Tower

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