Stock investor markets and immature technical solutions make exchanges appear timid in the competition. Therefore, in order to become the top exchange, besides the management strategy and dividend mechanism, the most important thing is the stability of the bottom layer.

The blockchain industry is surging. Although the currency price has been fluctuating, it will not affect the investors’ enthusiasm for digital currency at all. The number of digital currency exchanges has been increasing, and the reason is that exchanges contain the urgently needed business of digital currency trading and investment, and is the first entry point for blockchain traffic; At the same time, exchanges can make profits through high frequency and high trading volume.

However, with the rapid growth of users, the requirements of the exchange for the stability of the underlying structure, efficient matching and operation and maintenance, full-time customer service and other trading capabilities have become extremely strict. ChainUP, as the world’s leading blockchain technology service provider, will help the exchange ensure its ability in competition.

Standardized services based on increment

With the development of the blockchain industry, exchanges are also constantly improving. Although the investment capabilities of existing investment users are obviously weaker under the influence of various investment methods, chaotic currencies, and bear markets, the exchange needs to develop incremental investment users. However, for the entire industry, the number of exchanges is far from meeting the needs of the future market. Therefore, launching exchanges is still what the market needs, and it is also an investment that can benefit both in the short and long term.

ChainUP White Label Exchange System provides a lighter and freer solution for the new exchange. The solution is structured and standardized to solve various problems encountered by the exchange from the initial to the mature stage. By registering through the white label system, the initial construction can be completed in 10 minutes, and the liquidity and transaction depth can be seen online. This is because the ChainUP White Label Exchange System shares the liquidity of more than 300 white label exchange customers, making the exchange look more mature and get users more efficiently.

The core trading functions of ChainUP White Label Exchange System include coin-coin trading, contract trading, leveraged trading, ETF trading, legal tender trading, etc. At the same time, ChainUP believes that the exchange should be “independent”, so ChainUP White Label Exchange System supports automatic launching of coins Currently, it supports 2000+ currency, hence customers can add new types of coins by themselves without approval. Furthermore, for the operation of C-end users of the exchange, ChainUP White Label Exchange System provides a variety of operating products from four aspects: traffic acquisition, traffic realization, marketing tools, and popular zones, establishes a complete product operation matrix and creates ecological assistance in product layout.

At present, the ChainUP White Label Exchange System service has created the service standard with the widest range of transactions, the lowest cost, and the option of privatization at any time, and also established the foundation for assisting the growth of emerging exchanges.

Shaping the head exchange

ChainUP optimizes its products and services to help emerging exchanges make progress and development. In the past service experience, it has achieved some success.

Although the market is fiercely competitive, external traffic has begun to flood with the industry’s progress,. ChainUP believes that if the exchange can pay attention to the ease of use, liquidity, technical security, and service capabilities of the platform, it will have the opportunity to improve its ranking and enter the top of the list.

ChainUP has continuously provided services to more than 500 exchanges around the world, ranging from establishing exchanges, expanding trading volume to considering high-frequency trading. Through stable technology and optimizing daily transactions, the customers served by ChainUP account for 30% of CMC’s top 100 exchanges.

The blockchain industry has experienced many years of development boom, and the social cognition of the whole industry has gradually become “friendly”. There’s a lot of communication. Mature trading experience, basic technology, and healthy industry conditions are powerful driving forces for the development of the blockchain industry. ChainUP will become a solid backing for the development of emerging exchanges.