If there is a battleground in the cryptocurrency industry, then crypto exchange is absolutely the battleground. Crypto exchange is the undisputed financial hub of the cryptocurrency industry, and it is the closest to money and the clearest profitable business model. Therefore, the exchange has always been a battleground for all kinds of capital.

No permission and decentralization are the characteristics of cryptocurrency, which is also true in the exchange industry. In theory, anyone should be able to set up their own exchange if they have the will.

However, the reality is cruel. On the one hand, the pattern of top exchanges has been established. Difficulties in acquiring users and insufficient liquidity are all dilemmas faced by new exchanges. On the other hand, the research and development of trading products, matching engines and security systems is an extremely costly and repetitive task.

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Therefore, the technology and services of an independent third-party exchange provider have obvious advantages. ChainUP is a giant provider of such technology and services. The core business of ChainUP is to provide technical solutions for exchanges. With the development of cloud computing, the cost of white label exchange deployment is much lower and the operation of exchange is simpler.
Based on the consideration of reducing costs for clients, ChainUP launched the white label exchange system in August 2018. According to the public data, ChainUP has served more than 500 exchanges around the world.
Why does ChainUP white label exchange system make it a reality to open an exchange at a low threshold?
1. In terms of business model, ChainUP white label exchange system focuses on serving b-end customers and providing exchange technical support to global clients. ChainUp has not and will not open an exchange in the future. Hence, it only has a service and cooperation relationship with clients, and will not compete with them.
2. In the field of products and services, ChainUP white label Exchange, which includes the spot trading and financial derivatives trading, is a more comprehensive and richer system, with many functional services. The spot trading system includes coin-coin trading, credit card, fiat trading, IEO, trading mining, Staking, etc. Moreover, it also provides the liquidity aggregation services. Meanwhile, financial derivatives trading system include perpetual futures contracts, delivery contracts, ETFs, options, and derivatives liquidity services.
3. As far as underlying technology, the ChainUP white label exchange has an elastic expansion system on cloud and a distributed matching underlying system. It also has an independent deployment of user data, DBRA of sensitive data encryption, users’ private data, no SPOF of distributed deployment of the whole system and cross-region DBRA.
4. With reference to transaction depth and liquidity, ChainUP white label Exchange aggregates the flow liquidity of more than 500 eco-exchanges served by ChainUP. It provides the transaction liquidity and depth of coin-coin transactions, legal tender transactions, contract transactions, leveraged transactions, ETF transactions, etc. It has launched 3000+ coin pairs and has a smart market-making service. In addition, it also provides the solutions for liquidity management of independent derivatives.
5. In the case of risk control system and security, the ChainUP white label Exchange has 30+ security technologies and 300+ risk control strategies. The cold wallet and hot wallet are completely separated. The signatures of cold wallet and hot wallet are also separated and managed respectively. At the same time, ChainUp has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with many security institutions both domestic and international, and regularly conducts security penetration tests on the system in a bid to improve prevention by means of attack, hence ensuring the security of exchange assets and stabilizing the foundation of an exchange.
6. Regarding the operational support, the ChainUP white label Exchange has many innovative functions, operational tools and value-added services. Among them, innovative functions include innovative experimental area, open platform, futures documentary, credit card, future experience fund, broker system, etc. Operational products consist of various traffic acquisition, traffic realization, marketing tools, and popular areas, including the invitation return commission, multi-currency lending, grid trading, Heco, and Defi. In addition, there are also international customer service, operation and maintenance staff and other value-added services.
The crypto exchange is the top of the food chain in cryptocurrency industry, and everyone wants to share some benefits from exchange operation.
The first threshold to enter the exchange business is the high cost of technology development and the huge cost of obtaining customers, not to mention the fierce competition, liquidity problems, and security risks.
Among them, a lot of work, such as technology development and security, is repeated. With the mature development and subdivision of the industry, for sure it will be handed over to an independent third-party supplier specializing in providing trading technology solutions.
ChainUP is such a professional supplier. It has continuously provided the technical services to over 500 exchanges around the world. It does not only have the excellent technologies but also have the liquidity comparable to the liquidity of top exchanges. ChainUp is a truly low-key giant provider focusing on serving b-end customers
In addition, ChainUP also provides wallet, liquidity, WaaS alliance, mining, and other services. Therefore, whether you need a comprehensive service or a single function service, ChainUP is the best choice and partner for you.