THE name “Oedo” refers to the Edo period in Japanese history that lasted from 1603 to 1868 and is known for its cultural and artistic achievements.

In Quezon City, at the 105 Sto. Domingo Ave Corner Sct D.M. Alcaraz, there is a restaurant at the corner that has long lines of cars and a waiting line that goes on forever. The few times that I passed by seeing the queue of the place piqued my curiosity. I said that one day I shall find the time to see what the fuss is all about.

That day has come. I discovered that Oedo Japanese restaurant offers a variety of Japanese dishes, including teriyaki, udon, sushi, and tempura. The food is prepared using traditional Japanese cooking methods and ingredients, and is served in a fast-casual setting. Oedo also has a garden section that offers outdoor dining with very unique lamps hanging from their trees that illuminate the establishment’s captivating landscape.

The restaurant has become popular among those seeking authentic Japanese cuisine and products, and it aims to provide a taste of Japan to its customers. For our dinner, we ordered saba sushi, salmon sushi and I am happy to report that the sashimi served were fresh. The maguro or spicy tuna salad was served on a bed of grated radish, topped with spring onion, with cherry tomatoes on the side. We also ordered two kinds of soup — the shoyu ramen and the tan tan men ramen made with peanut and chili oil so there was definitely a kick to it. I am happy to report that our group enjoyed both dishes.

Oedo also has special sushi rolls and they come in huge servings!

The service was fast, and there was no single dish that was not good. Every single dish we had was delicious.

Oedo Japanese restaurant is at 105 Sto. Domingo Ave | Corner Sct D.M. Alcaraz, near Sto Domingo church. +63 2 518 0058

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