Elon Musk’s company Tesla has recently undergone significant job cuts. As of now, approximately 10% of its global workforce has been reduced on April 15th. Bengaluru, Karnataka May 6, 2024  – Tesla is continuously restructuring its workforce and making various changes to address stagnancy in marketing. Elon Musk has made hundreds of layoffs recently, surprising many. Many employees were let go overnight without notice and that is creating difficulties for all. A number of company employees have said they were terminated abruptly without being allowed to return to the office the following day. It is now understood that nearly 10% of the global workforce has been eliminated. The downsizing is aimed at enabling rapid growth at the company.
On April 15th, Nico Murillo was let go from Tesla. He had been with the company for 5 years. He is quite surprised that after contributing so much time to the company, he has been dismissed in this manner. He had made every effort for the betterment of the company. In a recent LinkedIn post, he also shared that at one point in 2023 he was even sacrificing sleeping in his car on work days just to avoid commuting to work. He showered at the factory and slept in the parking lot. He microwaved dinner in the break room.
While sharing his story, he said that around 4:30 am on April 15th he couldn’t sign into his account and his access was deactivated. Initially considering it a technical problem, he ignored it. However, at 5 am he found out the final message of termination. He also added that ‘I usually check my emails while on my autopilot commute to work (1hr 30min drive) Email read: “Unfortunately as a result, your position has been eliminated by this restructuring’. Shortly after, it came to light that numerous other employees had also been let go from the company, clearly a concern for all.