Mumbai, Maharashtra May 7, 2024  –  Indian e-commerce sellers struggling with high advertising costs and complex campaign management now have a solution in the form of AdAstra, a new AI-powered platform launched by 1 Trillion Club. The platform promises to slash ad spend and streamline operations.

In a world dominated by e-commerce giants, running a profitable online store has become frustratingly complex. “We saw small and medium-sized sellers pouring money into ads without getting enough back,” said Mayur Gawade, Founder of AdAstra. “They’re also stuck spending much time managing campaigns instead of pursuing real growth.”

AdAstra offers a suite of groundbreaking features:

EcomGPT: It can be thought of as your own personal ecommerce expert. Ask anything – how to write catchy product descriptions, fresh social media ideas, or even how to create eye-popping product images – EcomGPT has the answers.

Shopper OS: Ever wish you could get inside your customers’ heads? Shopper OS unveils the secrets of the buyer journey, revealing how shoppers found your products and what convinced them to buy.

“AdAstra isn’t just about better ads,” says Mayur Gawade, Founder of 1 Trillion Club. “It’s about empowering Indian sellers to understand their customers, optimize their business, and compete on a global scale.”

The impact of AdAstra is poised to ripple through the Indian market. By driving down costs and increasing seller efficiency, it sets the stage for lower prices and greater choice for consumers.

About 1 Trillion Club 1 Trillion Club is on a mission to help Indian entrepreneurs build thriving e-commerce businesses. Our tools are designed to level the playing field, fueled by a belief in the power of homegrown ingenuity.

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