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Southport, Merseyside May 20, 2024 ¬†–¬†Alectrofag, a UK-based company that produces a wide range of high-tech vape devices and accessories, emphasizes the many benefits of vaping for those seeking a healthier lifestyle. Alectrofag’s goal is to become the go-to online vape shop for those looking to quit smoking and improve their well-being.

Alectrofag has been a leader in the vaping industry for over a decade, and they are known for their carefully curated selection of products. They prioritize public health and environmental protection, and they offer their customers a path to quit smoking. To further encourage people to switch from smoking to vaping, the company is offering a chance for one lucky winner to win a cash prize (T&Cs apply) that can be used towards the purchase of any product from their online store, including kits, e-liquids, pods, coils, and more. Those interested can sign up at the store starting May 16, 2024.

Alectrofag debunks the myth that vapes contain harmful chemicals like cigarettes. They explain that e-juices are made from vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which are medically approved ingredients commonly found in household products like medicines and cosmetics. Flavors also play a significant role in the vaping experience, with nearly 30% of users citing flavor as a key reason for choosing vaping over smoking. Regarding flavors, the CEO of Alectrofag said, “Flavors like mango ice are a great treat on hot days. They provide the sweet taste of exotic mangoes and a cooling sensation with menthol on every exhale. Alectrofag aims to offer the most exquisite and captivating flavors for ex-smokers and health-conscious individuals.”

Customer health is Alectrofag’s top priority. The company has gathered data showing that the summer months in the UK are peak periods for vape device purchases, so they are using this time to raise awareness about the benefits of vaping. Their mission is to reduce the harmful effects of cigarette smoke on the environment and human health by offering a healthier alternative to smoking. Alectrofag is committed to making a positive impact through these innovative measures. Visit their website to learn more.

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