Stack emission monitoring is crucial for facility managers, inspectors, and key personnel to measure the level of industrial waste and pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. It ensures accurate air quality monitoring and assesses the effectiveness of pollution control equipment. By collecting and analyzing emission data, facilities can demonstrate compliance with environmental regulations and establish performance benchmarks. Regular monitoring helps in identifying emission trends, optimizing pollution control strategies, and protecting public health and the environment. Moreover, it supports transparency and accountability, fostering trust with regulatory bodies and the community.

Environmental Testing and Laboratories Company (ETLCO), a Saudi-owned entity, was established in 2009 as an independent environmental company to address the growing need for environmental services in Saudi Arabia. Certified by the Royal Commission and the National Centre for Environmental Compliance (NCEC), they employ highly qualified environmental professionals for stack emission testing. The company’s head office is located in Jubail Industrial City, with a branch in Yanbu Industrial City. Their management is dedicated to the continuous development of its services by allocating the necessary resources.

Clients can request priority turn-around times on their projects, assured of reliable and consistent results due to extensive capabilities. ETLCO is committed to upholding the highest national and international standards, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of its technical services. The company stands as a leading firm in environmental monitoring and consulting services, continually refining existing methods and developing new test procedures in line with US EPA, APHA, ASTM, RC, and NCEC guidelines to meet the evolving needs of its business and industrial clients. They aim to provide the most reliable and highest quality testing, monitoring, and consulting services.

The company’s mission aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, targeting a reduction in carbon emissions and committing to “Net Zero” GHG emissions and climate change goals by 2050. ETLCO operates state-of-the-art mobile monitoring stations, equipped with the latest analyzers and testing equipment capable of monitoring stack emissions and ambient air quality. Their laboratory is housed in a custom-designed building featuring advanced laboratory features, including a specially designed climate control system for optimal instrument performance and computerized security.

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