PETROLEUM firms will implement a slight increase for prices of gasoline and kerosene, while there will be a price rollback for diesel on Tuesday, November 15, 2022.

In an advisory, Pilipinas Shell, Seaoil, Cleanfuel, PetroGazz, Caltex and Jetti said there will be a P.90 per liter increase for gasoline and P1.35 per liter on kerosene.

Price of diesel will go down by P.30 per liter.

Among the petroleum firms, only Seaoil, Shell and Caltex carry kerosene products.

Caltex will implement the price adjustment by 12 a.m. of Tuesday, November 15; Cleanfuel at 4 a.m.; and Jetti Petroleum, Petrogazz, Seaoil and Shell at 6 a.m. (SunStar Philippines)