Malaga, Spain Apr 24, 2024  – At the dynamic landscape of technological innovation, the second edition of the AI Tech Summit 2024 held in Málaga from April 17th to 18th, 2024, emerged as a beacon of cutting-edge insights and visionary discussions. Organized by TBM Evolution Group in collaboration with Tesla and supported by industry giants like Freepik and Telefónica Tech, the summit served as a convergence point for over 900 tech aficionados, AI experts, and thought leaders from diverse sectors.
Among the attendees was Boris Usherovich, who marveled at the caliber of speakers curated by TBM Group. Reflecting on the event, he commended the organizers for assembling a lineup comprising luminaries from Huawei, Microsoft, FC Barcelona, Accenture, Spotify, Uber, Renault, and other global titans. The summit not only delved into the current applications of AI but also provided a glimpse into its future prospects across industries.
Usherovich underscored the paramount importance accorded to ethical considerations surrounding AI. Discussions reverberated with concerns about privacy, fairness, bias, discrimination, and the evolving role of human judgment in AI-driven decision-making. Moreover, the summit served as a platform to dissect the ramifications of AI on employment dynamics and to strategize novel approaches for cybersecurity and data protection.
A highlight of the summit was the exploration of AI’s multifaceted applications, spanning sports, fashion, transportation, automotive engineering, manufacturing, and beyond. Attendees were afforded a panoramic view of AI’s transformative influence on the global economy and society, gaining insights into innovative solutions and emergent trends.
Beyond the enriching sessions, Usherovich extolled the networking opportunities fostered by the summit. He anticipated that the professional connections forged during the event would catalyze myriad collaborations, propelling technological advancement to new heights. In his assessment, AI Tech Summit 2024 emerged not only as a catalyst for innovation but also as a steward of ethical AI deployment.
Looking ahead, the anticipation builds for the next AI Tech Summit slated to convene in Skopje, North Macedonia, at the outset of October. As the torchbearer of AI-driven progress, the summit promises to continue its legacy of shaping the future of technology with integrity and ingenuity.