Vancouver, Washington May 10, 2024  – , a leading biotechnology company, today announced the launch of their new phytoplankton product, targeting the growing demand for sustainable and natural health solutions.
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Phytoplankton is a microscopic marine plant that forms the base of the ocean’s food chain and offers a range of potential health benefits. ‘s phytoplankton product is cultivated using a proprietary process that ensures purity and potency.
“We are excited to bring this innovative product to market as distributors,” said Eric Grant, Cofounder of QastMe. “Phytoplankton has the potential to support a healthy immune system, improve cognitive function, and promote overall well-being.”
About is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative health and wellness products derived from marine sources. The company’s mission is to provide consumers with sustainable and effective solutions to improve their health.

Positive reviews of ‘s products can be found on various health and wellness websites. Customers have praised the effectiveness of the company’s products and their commitment to sustainability.
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Eric Grant

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