Arbonum, a platform designed to simplify the management and payment of international contractors, has launched on Product Hunt. Already used by over 15,000 teams, Arbonum aims to improve efficiency and transparency in global talent management.

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Arbonum was created to support those who value flexibility and autonomy in their work. “Our mission is to eliminate the tedious paperwork that stifles creativity,” says Roman Gordy, CEO and co-founder of Arbonum, in an interview with Digital Nomad Europe. “We created Arbonum to enable people to focus on their strengths–creating and innovating–without being bogged down by administrative tasks.”

The rise of remote work in 2020 highlighted the challenges of managing a distributed workforce across various countries. Arbonum addresses these challenges, offering seamless solutions for IT companies, ad agencies, and game developers in over 110 countries. The platform includes essential features such as one-click payroll, expedited onboarding, instant payments, and 24/7 live support from local HR and legal experts. It also supports multi-country payroll, multi-currency payments, and contractor KYC checks, ensuring comprehensive compliance and security. Additionally, benefits and insurance administration are integrated, simplifying support for contractors.

“We understand the anxiety among creative professionals about maintaining their income,” says Gordy. “Our platform ensures that freelancers and contractors are paid on time and that their work is protected.” Arbonum is dedicated to supporting digital nomads and remote workers, offering dedicated health insurance through partnerships with reputable providers like SafetyWing. This ensures that contractors have access to favorable rates and necessary coverage.

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About Arbonum

Founded in 2020, Arbonum simplifies international contractor management with tools for payroll, compliance, and support. Our mission is to make remote work efficient, secure, and rewarding for both businesses and contractors.

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