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Stankevicius.com to trade crypto derivatives officially for investors from January 2023


New York, Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking (stankevicius.com) a member of Stankevicius Group has been trading, investing and setting up a professional commercial strategy for crypto derivatives trading.


Up till date for the entire year 2022 stankevicius.com was only trading own and shareholder assets and it is now confirmed that from 2023 January Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking will be accepting client requests to trade their assets for crypto derivatives.


Throughout the year 2022, Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking has been successful in crypto spot and futures trading especially during Q1 and Q2. The firm has proven right price movement multiple times on Bitcoin futures reaching an average ROI for private equity investors/shareholders of nearly 200%.


Stankevicius.com currently holds multiple short positions betting against Bitcoin price to go down to low $10,000.


Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking provides professional e-trading services in crypto derivatives, and advanced AI hedging solutions for stocks and options.


Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking also provides professional consulting services for clients wanting to raise capital from private equity investors or public markets through an IPO.


Find Stankevicius.com crypto derivative education and marketing material here: https://stankevicius.com/docs/stankevicius.com-Investing-involves-risk.pdf


To learn more about Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking visit https://stankevicius.com


To learn more about Stankevicius Group visit https://corporate.stankeviciusgroup.com


For media contact pr@stankeviciusmgm.com or visit https://corporate.stankeviciusgroup.com/pressroom


For investor relations contact ir@stankeviciusgroup.com


For financial trading contact sales@stankeviciusgroup.com


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