THE remains of the four passengers of the ill-fated Cessna airplane have already been retrieved on Saturday, February 25, 2023, Camalig Mayor Carlos Irwin Baldo said.

In a press conference on Saturday evening, Baldo said the rescuers were on their way to the base camp in Barangay Anoling.

They will then be headed to the command center and the remains of the victims will be turned over to the Scene of the Crime Operatives for proper disposition.

The Cessna 340A with tail number RP-C2080 went missing on Saturday, February 18, while on its way to Manila.

The fatalities were identified as Captain James Crisostomo, the pilot and an EDC employee; Joel Martin, also an employee of the company; Simon Chipperfield, advisor; and Karthi Santhanam, a consultant.

The wreckage was found within the permanent danger zone of the Mayon Volcano, which made the retrieval operations of the victims difficult due to the terrain.

Rescuers used anchor bolts and ropes to relay the cadaver bags from the steep slopes and terrain. (SunStar Philippines)