AS A large number of Filipinos prepare to go on vacation this Holy Week, an official of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is urging them to make sure that they will not forget the true essence of the occasion.

In an interview with reporters, CBCP Public Affairs Committee Executive Secretary Fr. Jerome Secillano said there is a need to strike a balance between relaxation and reflecting this Holy Week.

“Make sure that there is a balance in all these physical relaxation activities and the spiritual ones,” said Secillano.

“If they can go to the beach, why not the church also? There is a time for beach, there is a time for church,” he added.

The priest said the Catholic Church understands that people make use of the long holiday during the Holy Week to have a respite from their daily grind.

“We do not expect them to just remain in their houses… It’s their right to relax,” said Secillano.

Nevertheless, he said that one must not forget that they are also expected to make time to reflect on their relationship with God during this time.

“At least have those liturgical exercises within your grasp. They should still attend those,” said Secillano.

Next week, Filipinos are set to observe the Holy Week, which is the most sacred week in the liturgical year in Christianity with Catholics expected to pray, do penance and reflect.

With April 6 to 9 being declared as holidays, many Filipinos are expected to take the opportunity to go to beaches and other vacation spots to relax and have some rest. (HDT/SunStar Philippines)