In a world where artificial intelligence carries risks, Sunny explores a scenario where a grieving woman, Suzie Sakamoto, finds solace in a robot named Sunny. The series, premiering July 10 on Apple TV+, blends dramedy and tech thriller elements.

Based on Colin O’Sullivan’s novel The Dark Manual, the series features Rashida Jones as Suzie, whose husband and son vanish after a plane crash. Suzie’s grief is amplified by the arrival of Sunny, a robot designed by her husband’s colleague, Masa (Hidetoshi Nishijima). The introduction of Sunny leads Suzie on a quest for truth, challenging her introverted nature.

As Suzie unravels Masa’s secrets and navigates her grief, she forms an unlikely friendship with Mixxy (singer-songwriter annie the clumsy), a wild bartender. Together, they rely on Sunny, the AI companion who becomes Suzie’s confidante, to uncover the truth.

Sunny excels in its dramedy moments, highlighting Suzie’s loneliness and her struggle to connect with others. The series explores themes of isolation and the human need for connection, even in the face of pain and loss.

The series’ tech thriller aspects, however, are less satisfying. A generic yakuza storyline emerges, along with a shadowy tech underground that remains largely unexplored. While the series features dramatic cold opens and cliffhangers, the pacing feels uneven, with the story slowing down just as it gains momentum.

The series’ pacing and plot may be due to the creator, showrunner, and executive producer, Katie Robbins’s, efforts to set up a potential second season. However, the show’s formula may be losing its effectiveness. Despite the uneven pacing, Jones’s performance is captivating, showcasing Suzie’s vulnerability and charm. The dynamic between Suzie, Mixxy, and Sunny offers a unique perspective on female friendship, particularly with the inclusion of an AI companion.