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Dunedin, Florida Jun 8, 2024  – U. S Business Registry Reveals Facilitated Opportunities of Women-Owned Small Businesses Download the applicable forms: The United States Business Registration is pleased to inform the public that the WOSB application is now open.

Stephen Reins ensures that this new certification, along with certain specified reserves, will enhance opportunities for women business owners nationwide. The WOSB certification is in line with the Federal Spending Mandate and is advantageous for businesses that seek to avail government facilities.

Federal Spending Mandate in 2024:

Currently, WOSBs are set to receive 5% of the federal funds procured every year. These mandates require a focus on getting a set percentage of Federal funds going to programs and initiatives supporting women business owners.

Enhanced Contracting Opportunities: The general advantages of obtaining WOSB certification from United States Business Registration include the following; the certification attracts a wide range of contracts. Contracting Officers are responsible for meeting federal contracting goals and objectives hence the likelihood of WOSB-certified firms to benefit from the possible big contracts.

Enhanced Contracting Opportunities With WOSB Application:

WOSB certification translates to numerous contracting opportunities being unsealed. Contracting Officers operating in different levels of government are obliged to order goods and services from what has been provided in federal quotas meaning bigger opportunities for WOSB-certified businesses.

  • Subcontracting Advantages: Certification is also very important as it provides important and exclusive subcontracting prospects. The vendors, especially the large firms that intend to bid for government contracts exceeding $75,000 have to put provision for Certified WOSB firms, thus providing more opportunities for business opportunities.
  • Direct Contracting Access: As a result, WOSB certification increases interaction with the Prime Contracting Officers and removes the veil for  to engage directly in a contract without necessarily having to bid much.
  • Exclusive Database Listing: Currently WOSBs who wish to make their certification known are afforded the unique database where vendors post details of their certification. This database is also utilized by the government for the identification of certified sellers, which is vital in the provision of “No-Bid Contracts”.

ABOUT US: United States Business Registration is your streamlined solution for navigating business dealings with the U.S. Federal Government. Our specialty lies in assisting businesses of various sizes and types, including Woman Owned, Minority Owned, and Veteran Owned, to efficiently register and certify for federal contracts.

We focus our expertise on S.A.M. Registration and Certification, setting us apart as the sole specialists in this field. With a team of Certified Registration Specialists, we ensure your business is accurately listed in federal databases, making you easily accessible to Federal Administrative Contract Officers.

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