Andrew Rauch Fractional Chief of Growth

Vado Devs, a leading platform dedicated to connecting companies with top-tier software engineering talent in Latin America, has announced the appointment of Andrew Rauch as its Fractional Chief Growth Officer.

Dover, Delaware Jul 9, 2024  –  Andrew Rauch, a seasoned professional with nearly 30 years of experience in B2B services, particularly in software start-ups, software engineering, consulting, and coaching, joins Vado Devs. Rauch’s expertise in leading comprehensive go-to-market strategies, redefining market positioning, and crafting top-line revenue plans will be instrumental in Vado Devs’ continued expansion.

“Andrew’s visionary leadership and commitment to growth and giving align perfectly with our mission at Vado Devs,” said Carlos B, CEO of Vado Devs. “His extensive experience and strategic approach will drive our efforts to connect companies with the exceptional software engineering talent they need to succeed.”

In his new role, Rauch will lead Vado Devs’ growth initiatives, focusing on enhancing the company’s market presence, refining its strategic direction, and ensuring the continuous expansion of its network of top-tier developers in Latin America.

“I am thrilled to join Vado Devs and contribute to its mission of transforming the hiring experience for companies seeking high-quality software engineers in Latin America,” said Andrew Rauch. “Vado Devs stands out by not only providing access to exceptional talent but also by fostering a culture of continuous learning, development, and social responsibility. I look forward to working with the team to drive growth and innovation.”

Rauch’s leadership style is grounded in the principles of leadership, teaching, and encouragement. His hands-on approach, supported by proven frameworks such as revenue planning, OKRs, and key account planning, will foster a culture of accountability and continuous improvement at Vado Devs.

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Vado Devs is the premier hiring platform revolutionizing the way companies discover, engage, and hire pre-vetted top-tier software engineering talent in Latin America. By specializing in Latin American talent, Vado Devs ensures that businesses can tap into the vibrant tech communities in the region, providing a seamless solution for companies seeking the best software engineering talent.

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