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Television Host Trish Standley is launching a new era for her media entity, rebranding from Style with Trysh to Trish Standley TV. What began as an online radio show in 2014 has evolved into a full-fledged television platform focusing on empowering stories, positive messaging, and stylish content. The newly launched Trish Standley TV will feature programming centered around women’s empowerment, fashion, and community engagement.

Trish Standley TV is born from Standley’s passion for fashion and her desire to showcase boutique finds and emerging designers. From its humble beginnings as a 30-minute Sunday radio show, Style with Trysh rapidly grew, becoming part of the Survival Radio Network and 108 Praise Radio. The show’s format has expanded to include fashion highlights, stylish features, makeup artist spotlight segments, and discussions about female motivation.

In 2018, Mark Squared Studios partnered with Standley to produce its first season. Over the years, Style with Trysh has hosted a diverse range of guests, including actresses Jasmine Guy, Kim Fields, Christine Horn, and Charmine Lee, comedian Shawty Shawty, and influencers Destiny Payton, Latrice Pace, and Kiana Dancie.

As it enters its third season, the show is rebranding to Trish Standley TV to better reflect its mission and progress. The core objective of Trish Standley TV remains to motivate women and celebrate individuality. The motto – This is where the everyday woman reigns – features inspirational guests who’d overcome adversity and industry experts to elevate us further.

To mark this milestone, Trish Standley TV is kicking off the new season with a special community event, “Care for the Giver,” scheduled for Sunday, September 29th. The event will honor and support caregivers in communities and thank them for their invaluable contributions.

“It’s never too late to pursue a dream,” stated TV personality Trish Standley.


Trish Standley is a multifaceted, multitalented, and award-winning singer-songwriter who has captivated a generation with her angelic voice. She has won two Rhythm of Gospel Awards and received numerous nominations, including an Atlanta Gospel Choice and a Blue Mic Award. Trish is also the host of the podcast “Trish Standley TV,”¬†which is currently available on Amazon Prime and all major podcast platforms.¬†