Togopool has made significant strides in the carpooling and bikepooling sectors, attributing its success to innovative strategies. In just four months, the carsharing app has surpassed 100,000 downloads nationwide, with a large user base in Delhi and the National Capital Region. With a combined distance covered of over 500,000 kilometers, Togopool has significantly reduced carbon emissions, contributing to a greener environment.

Addressing the growing challenges of traffic congestion, rising fuel costs, increased pollution, expensive commuting, and social isolation, Togopool stands out as a leader in tackling these obstacles. With over 11,000 verified ride providers and nearly 15 million kilometers in ride requests, the app is focused on delivering tangible results, ultimately overcoming industry challenges.

Migi Chuang, Co-founder of Togopool, shared the company’s vision: 

With your support, we are making significant progress towards creating an ideal bike pooling and carpooling system. Our focus is on environmental sustainability, reducing traffic, and saving costs. With minimal effort, we can make a significant difference. Carpooling and not only decrease fuel consumption but also foster stronger social connections..

Togopool India is recognized for its appealing offers that not only attract customers but also help them save money while contributing to a cleaner environment. One of their ongoing promotions, ‘7 Days, 7 Rides,’ enables users to earn rewards without requiring passengers. By completing 7 rides in 7 days, customers can earn cashback. Togopool is leading the way in carpooling and bike-sharing, committed to transforming urban transportation. Prioritizing sustainability, safety, and community, Togopool brings together riders and drivers for affordable and environmentally friendly commuting options.

Join the movement towards smarter, greener commuting with Togopool. Save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy meaningful connections with fellow travelers. Download the today and experience the future of urban transportation!

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Source :Togopool Pvt. Ld.