London, United Kingdom Apr 4, 2024  – The popular UK based news magazine – Timeshub, which was inactive since quite long, is now active and have started accepting guest posts in their write for us section.

This enables guest bloggers from multiple industries to share their expertise with their readers.

According to what is published on their write for us page, the guest posts are accepted on these categories: Business, Lifestyle, Health, Technology, Real Estate, Home Decor, Home Renovation and Remodeling, Fitness, Sports, and many more.

So if someone is from any of the above industries, they have a better chance of getting themselves published on Timeshub UK platform.

However, the editorial guidelines states that the submitted blogs must be unique and informative to the readers. Also, that the articles should be engaging and interesting which opens a door to getting them published on their monthly copy of the e-magazine as well.

So, if you are writer looking to submit a guest post on Timeshub UK, visit their page.

Visit Timeshub website here – Media ContactTimeshub UK Source :Timeshub UK