San Jose, California May 14, 2024 – Makers of Modern Commerce and global leader in digital transformation, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking accelerator framework. This innovative micro frontend-based headless solution offers enterprises the ability to jumpstart their headless journeys with unparalleled freedom, flexibility, and control for building, managing, and scaling their online storefronts.

The Ultimate Building Blocks for a Truly Composable Storefront
SkillNet’s Beyond Headless is a platform-agnostic headless accelerator framework built on micro frontend technology, ushering in a new era of web application development. This cutting-edge meta-framework serves as a structural foundation that guides the development process, providing a set of guidelines, reusable components, and pre-built functionalities that empowers developers to quickly create modular, scalable, and customizable applications. It liberates enterprises from the rigid structures and technology stacks imposed by traditional frameworks that limit flexibility and innovation. Beyond Headless goes beyond just decoupling the frontend from the backend; it also breaks down the frontend application into independent, single-responsibility functionalities, enabling independent development, testing, deployment, and scaling, with the freedom to mix and match the specific technologies and architectures that are best suited for each function.

Compatibility with Leading eCommerce Platforms
Beyond Headless offers compatibility with any eCommerce platform of choice today – and in the future — empowering enterprises to make the right technology investments for their strategic needs as they evolve. Pre-built integrations are currently available for platforms from leading vendors, including , Oracle Commerce Cloud, , , Spryker, KIBO, VTEX, along with leading CMS and Search solutions.

Built on a Powerful, Developer-Friendly Tech Stack
SkillNet’s framework leverages a robust tech stack, including Next.js (React framework), Node.js (server-side runtime), TypeScript (for enhanced code quality), and NRWL (for efficient development workflows). The polyglot microservices architecture allows developers to utilize multiple programming languages and technologies simultaneously, fostering accelerated innovation and customization, and better talent utilization.

Advantages Over Traditional Headless Architectures
The Beyond Headless accelerator framework offers numerous advantages over traditional headless architectures:

Faster development and deployment cycles with independent micro frontends.
The pages are designed using the atomic design methodology, enabling greater reuse of various elements across multiple contexts, enhancing efficiency and consistency in the UI.
Enhanced reusability of functionalities across microsites, reducing development overhead.
Improved performance through on-demand loading of specific modules.
Superior maintainability, scalability, and resiliency with independent modules that don’t impact the entire platform.
Loosely coupled development teams with flexibility in technology choices.
Responses from microservices are cached to minimize the number of requests and responses (“chattiness”) – an optimization that improves performance by reducing the load on the network and the microservices.
Ultimate control over your technology as the codebase is delivered upon implementation vs operating as a traditional SaaS model that imposes perpetual licensing fees.

“We are thrilled to introduce SkillNet’s ‘Beyond Headless’ framework, a transformative solution that empowers businesses to reimagine their online storefronts with unprecedented flexibility and scalability, said Anurag Mehta, CEO, SkillNet Solutions Inc. “This innovative approach represents our commitment to driving digital transformation and delivering exceptional value to our clients in the rapidly evolving eCommerce landscape.”
Take the Next Step in eCommerce Innovation!
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