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Los Angeles, California Jul 9, 2024 – Shea Publishing is a comprehensive book marketing solution designed to elevate the visibility and reach of authors’ works globally. With customized strategies and personalized support, Shea Publishing assists authors in achieving their publishing aspirations and connecting with a wider readership.

Unparalleled Marketing Support for Authors

In the competitive landscape of publishing, standing out is more challenging than ever. Shea Publishing’s new marketing services address this challenge by providing authors with the tools and support necessary for success. From targeted social media campaigns to strategic press release distribution, Shea Publishing comprehensively covers all aspects of book promotion.

Key Services Offered:

– Social Media Campaigns: Tailored strategies to cultivate an author’s presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, engaging readers and driving book sales.

– Press Release Distribution: Crafting and distributing compelling press releases to relevant media outlets, generating buzz and media coverage for new book releases.

– Goodreads Book Reviews: Organizing book reviews to foster word-of-mouth marketing and reach a broader audience.

– Author Websites: Creating professional, user-friendly websites to serve as a central hub for an author’s online presence.

– Bestseller Awards: Offering #1 International Amazon Best Seller Launch Plans

A Proven Track Record

Shea Publishing has already demonstrated its expertise in book marketing through successful campaigns for a diverse range of authors. Their personalized approach ensures that each marketing plan is customized to the author’s unique needs and goals, maximizing impact and return on investment.

“We hold our work to the highest standards, and that’s why we confidently guarantee the coveted #1 International Amazon Best Seller award for your ebook, solidifying your authority of expertise in your niche. This accolade is an extremely valuable asset in building your brand and growing your audience.

We have played a significant role in furthering the careers of many best-selling authors by consistently staying ahead of the curve by adapting to the latest marketing trends.

If you don’t already have a book to accompany your business or speaking engagements, contact us to discuss a strategy for you and your book”. – Marie O’Shea

Client Testimonials:

“I hired Shea Publishing for the promotion and marketing of my book, and they did a tremendous job. After intense marketing over the course of a few days, my book sold 3.5k copies. Marie guaranteed to rank my book to the #1 Amazon Bestseller position, and not only did she stand by her word, but my book acquired 6 international #1 Bestseller Awards! Marie is a talented marketer, and I am a huge fan! – Steven Selikoff, The Complete Book of Product Design, Development, Manufacturing, and Sales

“Shea Publishing’s marketing services have been a game-changer for my book’s visibility. Their team is dedicated and knowledgeable, and their strategies have significantly boosted my book sales.”  – Dr. Arman Javadi, Cures for Hair Loss

About Shea Publishing

Shea Publishing is dedicated to supporting authors at every stage of their publishing journey. With a team of experienced professionals in marketing, design, and editorial services, Shea Publishing provides comprehensive solutions to help authors achieve success. Their commitment to quality and personalized service has made them a trusted partner for authors worldwide.

Contact Information:

For more information about Shea Publishing’s book marketing services, please contact:     

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