Rajkot, Gujarat, July 1, 2024 – Shalin Peter has been involved with Raspian Enterprises since its early stages. As the company manager, he has been the liaison with central and state government offices, particularly in the areas of firearms marking and physical security.

At Raspian, Shalin has served as PR and Marketing Head and also as Senior Technical Manager for small arms for Special Forces. He has collaborated on technology transfers in metallurgy and assault rifles between Croatia, Austria, and Indian Special Forces. He played a key role in weapon testing and feedback gathering between Special Forces and Raspian. He has facilitated communication between defense officials and Raspian for small arms (service pistols, air guns for sports, and assault rifles) and long-range artillery. He has facilitated alliances for sales with DEFPROC and security forces in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. His communication and feedback from Chetak Commandos Gujarat were well received. He has also initiated requests from abroad for Research grants for long-range weaponry.

Shalin’s strong networking skills have helped him in acquiring licenses for certain arms and arms deals. He has also participated in various implementations and effectiveness of small arms control programs. Raspian is a small arms manufacturing unit and also makes new products for defense purposes. The company was launched in 2018. Shalin ensures that Raspian products adhere to stringent quality and safety measures. Shalin’s core strengths are his strong interpersonal skills and communication, building strategy for growth, and providing effective market solutions among many others. He has attended a number of Defence expos organized all over the country, some of which are: East Tech 2022 Kolkata, Defexo22 Ahmedabad, Defence Expo 2021 Bangalore, Maharashtra Defence Expo, and Pune 2024.

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