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Dallas, Texas, Jun 27, 2024 – Sarah and Patrick Getchell, a father-daughter writing duo, have released their latest fantasy novel for adults, ‘Firebound Harmony: Princess and Dragon Unite’. This book is the first installment in a three-book series titled ‘Firebound Harmony’. The story follows Princess Jaylen, whose goal is to mend the broken bond between humans and dragons. Readers are captivated by the engaging narrative and compelling plot, which keeps them enthralled until the very last page.

The story transports readers to the magical world of Lianthis, where humans and dragons lived in harmony a thousand years ago. However, due to unforeseen events, dragons are now seen as enemies. The story focuses on the heartwarming bond between Princess Jaylen and the dragon Aurelia. Together, they must prove the purity of their friendship to the entire kingdom, including the king. The writers’ skillful development of both the storyline and characters creates a captivating fantasy world for readers to immerse themselves in. Upon release, the book has received numerous positive reviews, generating even more excitement for the novel. Readers particularly enjoyed the challenges faced by Jaylen and Aurelia as they strive to restore the ancient alliance between humans and dragons, and how they never give up hope.

It is noteworthy that Patrick and Sarah Getchell have joined forces as a father-daughter team to pursue their writing passions. This enchanting novel, which transports readers to a different realm of fantasy, is now available on and for more information, please visit .

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