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SNA | Samay News Agency, founded by Sunita Gaur in November 2021, offers reliable digital and print services to promote brands and raise awareness for clients. They also host events to encourage emerging talent in India. SNA is a well-known branding service provider offering a wide range of services including news, media, print, and events. With a strong local and online national presence, SNA is committed to delivering on its promises. Established in November 2021, Samay News Agency provides brand promotion and market awareness for clients through digital and print media. SNA is recognized nationally and internationally for its excellent performance. SNA assists customers with promotion through news, media, print, advertising, and events.

“SNA operates based on the ethics of trust, genuineness, fairness, and prompt service.”.

Samay News Agency has been a market player for three years, promoting clients locally and digitally. They have successfully organized online international sports events, placed advertisements in news media and print, and have satisfied clients with their dedicated services. SNA has produced over 500 documentaries, video advertisements, and interviews on the Samay India News LIVE platform. SNA, in association with the International Medallion Series, launches the GSA, RGA, and AIA Awards. These awards recognize individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to national, economic, and social development, honoring those whose efforts and dedication significantly impact our daily lives.

SNA has successfully launched online live-streamed competitions that add value, reality, and transparency. SNA’s contests aim to encourage talent by providing a real-time platform for individuals to showcase their skills to the entire nation. SNA has more upcoming competitions and awards events planned for the future.

Samay News Agency is not a non-profit organization. However, they believe in contributing to those in need and bringing smiles to people’s faces. All charitable work is self-funded, and they dedicate a portion of their earnings each year to make a positive impact.

Parent Company.
SAMAY INDIA NEWS is India’s premier Hindi news channel. SAMAY INDIA NEWS online channel covers the latest news in politics, entertainment, Bollywood, business, and sports. Stay updated with all the breaking news in Hindi.

Company type: Private Agency
Industry: Media/Service (Date of Inception- 11/11/2021)
Area served: India
Key people : Shishir (Management & Operations), Priyanka (Analyst), Vinita (Hindi Editing), Reyansh (App Developer & IT), Shantanu ( Marketing ),  & Legal Consultant of SNA.
Services: News, Media, Print, Advertisement, Magazines, Calendar Planner, Documentary, Video Ad Creators, Events Online/Offline.
Headquarter: Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. INDIA
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