Wellpinio Free Scheduling Assistant For Everyone

Pandaverse OÜ is excited to announce the launch of Wellpin.io, a new scheduling software that simplifies online meeting scheduling. Wellpin.io helps users manage their scheduling effortlessly, so they can focus on their meetings.

Tallinn, Harju Jun 28, 2024  – In a world where complex apps are the norm, Wellpin.io stands out with its simple and intuitive design. It streamlines the process of scheduling online meetings, allowing users to create personalized meeting links, set availability, and sync calendars across multiple platforms with ease.

Setting up Wellpin.io is quick and easy, taking just three minutes. Its user-friendly interface ensures that anyone can navigate and use the app. Users can create personal links, set working hours, connect calendars, and send scheduling links to colleagues and clients. Scheduled meetings appear instantly in participants’ calendars, and Wellpin.io prevents double bookings by checking availability across all connected calendars.

Currently, Wellpin.io integrates with Google Calendar, Google Meet, and Zoom, with more integrations planned for the future. Whether you’re a consultant, recruiter, salesperson, marketer, tutor, or part of a team, Wellpin.io adapts to your scheduling needs. The 24/7 booking site allows clients to schedule, cancel, and reschedule meetings at their convenience, making it ideal for both individuals and teams.

Key Features and Highlights

Effortless Scheduling: Create personalized meeting links and sync calendars in minutes.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed for easy use by everyone.

Prevent Double Bookings: Comprehensive synchronization across all calendars.

Current Integrations: Google Calendar, Google Meet, and Zoom.

Future Integrations: Additional integrations are planned.

Free Version Benefits: Includes integrations with all calendars, customizable booking pages, multiple meeting durations, embedded scheduling, and a single link for all calendars.

Experience the simplicity and efficiency of Wellpin.io for yourself. Visit and streamline your meeting scheduling today.

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