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NovusPlan GmbH, a leading project management and consulting company, has launched a new website and expanded its services. The website offers comprehensive information about the company’s diverse services and presents innovative approaches to project optimization.

Berlin, Germany, June 28, 2024 – NovusPlan GmbH, a leading project management and consulting company, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website and the expansion of its services. The website, accessible at , provides comprehensive information about the company’s broad range of services and introduces innovative approaches to optimizing projects.

About NovusPlan GmbH

In recent years, NovusPlan GmbH has established itself as a reliable partner for companies that value efficient and sustainable project management. With an interdisciplinary team of experienced consultants and project managers, NovusPlan offers tailored solutions for various industries, including construction, IT, finance, and healthcare.

Services of NovusPlan GmbH

NovusPlan GmbH provides a wide range of services designed to ensure project success and sustainability. These include:

  • Project management: NovusPlan supports projects of any size and complexity from planning to implementation. The focus is on adhering to schedules and budgets while ensuring quality standards.
  • Consulting: NovusPlan experts assist companies in optimizing their business processes and implementing efficient structures. Consulting also includes strategic analyses and the development of sustainable solutions.
  • Sustainability: NovusPlan prioritizes sustainable practices. The company assists its clients in integrating ecological and economic sustainability into their projects, achieving long-term success.
  • Training and further education: Through customized training programs and workshops, NovusPlan ensures that employees and managers stay up-to-date with the latest project management methods and techniques.

Innovation and technology

NovusPlan’s new website reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and technology. With a user-friendly interface and clear structure, the website provides a comprehensive overview of NovusPlan’s services and projects. Visitors can learn about current trends in project management and benefit from the many resources available on the site.

The integration of cutting-edge technologies enables NovusPlan to offer its clients even more efficient and sustainable solutions. This includes the use of project management software, the optimization of work processes, and the utilization of data analysis for decision-making.

Success stories and customer testimonials

The website also features a variety of case studies and success stories showcasing NovusPlan’s expertise and achievements in various projects. Customer reports and testimonials provide insights into the collaboration with NovusPlan and the results achieved.

One satisfied customer, Mr. Klaus Müller, Managing Director of a medium-sized construction company, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration: “NovusPlan helped us to complete our project efficiently and on time. Their expertise and professionalism impressed us, and we look forward to further joint projects.”

Sustainability as a core principle

A defining characteristic of NovusPlan GmbH is its strong commitment to sustainability. The company strives to integrate sustainable practices into all aspects of project management. This includes the use of environmentally friendly materials, the reduction of waste and emissions, and the promotion of social responsibility.

“Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us, but a central component of our corporate philosophy. We firmly believe that sustainable projects form the basis for a successful future,” says Dr. Petra Schneider, Managing Director of NovusPlan GmbH.

Future developments

NovusPlan GmbH plans to further expand its services and tap into new markets in the coming years. This includes expanding its range of consulting services to include digital transformation and innovation management. Additionally, further partnerships are to be established with leading technology providers to offer clients even more innovative solutions.

“Our aim is to further strengthen our position as a leading company in the field of project management and consulting. We will continue to invest in the development of new services and technologies so that we can always offer our customers the best possible solutions,” emphasizes Dr. Schneider.

Contact and further information

Interested companies and individuals can find detailed information about NovusPlan’s services and projects on the new website . The NovusPlan GmbH team is available at any time for further questions and inquiries.


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