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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – June 19, 2024 – Nelson Liew, a prominent serial entrepreneur, has joined forces with Artsense Studio Education, marking a significant shift in the art education landscape. This strategic partnership aims to elevate art education to unprecedented levels, impacting both the capital markets and the broader economy.

Liew, known for his forward-thinking investments, has recognized a unique opportunity in the art education sector. His investment in Artsense Studio Education underscores his dedication to cultivating creativity and empowering individuals to realize their artistic potential. By making art education more accessible, this partnership seeks to create a lasting global impact.

Artsense Edu Sdn Bhd, co-founded by Shawn Yap and Jack Goh, is at the forefront of this transformative initiative. The official signing of the shareholder agreement between Liew and the dynamic co-founders signifies a shared vision to drive innovation and excellence in art education. This alliance is poised to solidify Artsense Studio Education’s position as a market leader and pioneer in the field.

With 20 outlets across the nation, Artsense Studio operates on the principle that imagination and creativity are essential drivers of human progress. Inspired by historical visionaries like Edison, the Wright Brothers, Picasso, Disney, and Steve Jobs, Artsense Studio champions the belief that creativity has the power to change the world. Their mission, encapsulated in the slogan “Everyday Creative,” is to awaken the creative potential within everyone, fostering a society that values and nurtures innovation.

The capital market implications of this partnership are substantial. By combining Nelson Liew’s entrepreneurial acumen with Artsense Studio’s educational expertise, the collaboration is positioned to expand the reach and impact of art education. This move is expected to generate significant economic value, driving growth in the education sector and stimulating broader economic benefits. Investors and stakeholders can anticipate increased returns as the demand for innovative educational solutions continues to rise.

“Everyday Creative” celebrates individuals who integrate creativity into their daily lives, driving societal progress and inspiring respect and admiration. Artsense Studio is dedicated to cultivating this spirit of everyday creativity, empowering people to become catalysts for change and innovation. This partnership with Nelson Liew represents a pivotal step forward in achieving these ambitious goals.

As this exciting journey unfolds, stakeholders and investors are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates. This collaboration promises to not only transform art education but also inspire creativity and innovation on a global scale, presenting significant upside potential from an economic perspective.

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Artsense Studio Education is a leading provider of art education with 20 outlets across the nation. Committed to fostering creativity and imagination, Artsense Studio empowers individuals to explore their artistic potential and contribute to societal progress.

**About Nelson Liew**
Nelson Liew is a serial entrepreneur known for his strategic investments and visionary approach to business. His diverse portfolio and commitment to innovation have made him a respected figure in various industries.

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