Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia May 14, 2024 ¬†–¬†TASC or task is a top outsourcing, recruitment and HR solutions agency serving the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia. Having more than fifteen years of global and local expertise, the agency has been at the forefront of delivering effective and innovative hiring solutions to businesses of all kinds.
TASC is reputed as one among the top in Saudi Arabia. They work in collaboration with some of the biggest and newest businesses in the region. They have a fresh outlook that sets them apart from competing agencies.
The agency provides a full suite of business services- from permanent recruitment and contract staffing to off-shoring, payroll processing and HR consultancy. These have been designed to improve your business efficiency while reducing costs. In sum, they take care of tedious day-to-day tasks while freeing the executives of client businesses to focus on other core tasks.
TASC was formed in 2007 by the current CEO, Mahesh Shahdadpuri. The TASC group of companies includes TASC Outsourcing, TASC corporate services, AIQU, and Future Milez.
AIQU is the Middle East’s top tech recruitment agency that connects top technical talent with cutting-edge organizations across cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, Big Data & Analytics, Business Intelligence, Software engineering, and the Digital arena.
TASC corporate services is your go-to strategic business partner in the GCC region. With more than 15 years of global and local expertise, they offer support to businesses of all sizes to establish themselves in this region, managing visas, Iqama (work permit), payroll, HR operations, and enabling HR transformations.
Future Milez is a highly reliable 3PL partner in the GCC. They are an ethical, fully compliant driver and rider outsourcing provider. They provide experienced drivers, delivery riders, and fleets of vehicles to serve last-mile deliveries.
The two kinds of recruitment work conducted by TASC are permanent recruitment and contract staffing. Contract staffing includes long-term, short-term staffing, and Remote 360. Permanent recruitment services include executive search, contingency recruitment, and Saudization.
At TASC, they offer professional recruitment services to companies in Saudi Arabia and the rest of GCC from entry-level positions to mid-senior levels to even C-level executive search. Supported by in-house research capacities, their strong understanding of the local market, and a wide database of candidates, TASC takes pride in finding ‘people of tomorrow’.
The experienced recruiters of TASC undertake recruitment from all angles. They scout for the best talent across different databases and job board lists. They interview and screen candidates to ensure cultural and technical fit.
They qualify the candidates and clear formalities linked to international or local hiring. They manage the complete interview process between clients and candidates. The follow-up on candidates to check for cultural fit. They provide a replacement guarantee for special hiring solutions.
There are many reasons why clients choose TASC as one of the top recruiting companies for their recruitment needs. With several years of experience in talent sourcing, TASC has established itself as one of the highly trusted local agencies for recruitment in the GCC, including Saudi Arabia.
They not only work with Start-ups, SME’s, and Fortune 500 companies, but they work in tandem with these to find the personnel they require to reach their goals. The brand promise of TASC is to find the right talent fast, without any compromises or unpleasant surprises.
Get matchless help for permanent recruitment through all levels of management with staunch support at every level. Get access to local knowledge and expertise. They are locally based and experienced in the Saudi market. They understand the challenges of recruitment and provide comprehensive solutions on the basis of bespoke needs.
TASC offers a full suite of services from short-listing and screening of candidates to qualitative testing, interviewing, additional reviews, and compliance.
They are popular with Fortune 500 companies because of a number of reasons. TASC has the expertise to align its work with your business objectives. They provide all-inclusive support for both permanent recruitment and contract staffing.
TASC has an in-house database of candidates for the most urgent hiring needs. They provide 100% compliant global hiring in a hassle-free manner. They have total control over the hiring process. They provide a full suite of recruitment and HR services.
Short-term and long-term contract staffing are useful for companies with flexible staffing needs. Remote 360 is a contract staffing service where a globally distributed, borderless team is ready to bat for your company 24/7. With such contract staffing services, companies can save up to 30% on operational costs.
Permanent recruitment is provided in three ways. Getting recruitment of C-level staff can mean the difference between business failure and success. TASC has, therefore, built a global network of talent that puts leading C-level leadership and executives just a click away. This service is called an Executive search.
The TASC team knows that the process of recruitment implies a substantial investment of financial assets. Therefore, they provide an alternative in the form of Contingency recruitment. As per this arrangement, clients have to pay for the recruitment of candidates only if they prove to be the right fit for your company. If not, you don’t have to pay a pie to the agency. This arrangement helps to reduce the internal HR burden of your company.
The third service is that of Saudization. This is part of the effort of the local governments of the GCC to push for greater integration of local candidates in the private workforce. The 40-plus team of TASC, most of whom are fluent in Arabic, are aware of the challenges and opportunities presented by this policy of the government.
TASC has an extensive database of local talent built by participation in local career fairs and university referrals. In all, the expertise of TASC helps you to hire local and global talent seamlessly through their bespoke services.
About The Company: TASC or is a leading recruitment and HR solutions agency serving Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC. Founded as part of the TASC group of companies in 2007, it has reached the pinnacles of success in this industry, under the able guidance of founder and CEO, Mahesh Shahdadpuri.Media ContactTASC Outsourcing Saudi Arabia966 11 838 69332nd floor Office No. 209, 7534, King Abdulaziz Road, Al Ghadeer District Source :TASC Outsourcing Saudi Arabia