Evans Appliances Ltd. is growing to become the next best destination in Kent to source commercial-grade dishwashers. The retailer has expanded its collection of dishwashing solutions by partnering with Adler, a reputed manufacturer of electrical appliances, including white goods.

Evans Appliances Ltd., a name that often comes up when searching for commercial dishwashers, is pleased to announce a stock refresh of its dishwasher collection. People who have shopped from them in the past are already familiar with the brands they feature, such as DC, Hobart, Miele, and Hobart Ecomax.

The food service, healthcare, hospitality, business, and corporate industries have benefited most from this partnership. The superior performance and innovative features of the dishwashing appliances featured by Evans Appliances have met the rigorous demands of establishments in the same sector. The good news is that businesses now have one more choice in the inventory of Evans Appliances – Adler.

Winning Features of Adler Dishwashers
In an interview with the CEO of Evans Appliances, a prominent appliance retailer, many details came to light. “We had been skeptical about including one more brand in our collection of commercial-grade dishwashers, but the innovative features of Adler erased every doubt,” said the owner and operator of the company. A few of them have been disclosed by the executive director.

High wash temperatures – Every commercial kitchen has to comply with certain health codes. According to the store manager of Evans Appliances, “Your establishment is safe with an Adler dishwasher operating at around 850, and during rinse cycles, changing to 600 to maintain proper sanitisation.”High-powered wash system – No matter how heavily soiled the dishes are, Adler ensures a thorough clean-up of all cookware and serveware.Quick wash cycles – Since food service establishments have a massive load to deal with, a rapid wash cycle is very much needed. Adler has you covered with the same and proves perfect for busy kitchens. The store operator of Evans Appliances recommended under-counter models boasting a 1-minute wash cycle.High wash capacity – Commercial kitchens dealing with high-volume operations can benefit from the Adler AD1000 model. It washes 18 plates in every cycle, which implies that in an hour, it can get 60 racks ready.Integrated water softener – Establishments receiving hard water supply need not worry as Adler softens it to lower mineral buildup and improve cleaning performance.Integrated chemical pumps – If your business is against waste generation, Adler has you covered with chemical pumps, dispensing the exact amount of water and detergent at the time of wash cycles.Constructed of stainless steel – On enquiring with the store manager about the durability and ease of cleaning, the person of authority revealed the stainless steel construction of the Adler dishwashers.Arrives with digital control – It is incredibly easy to operate Adler dishwashers. The digital displays promise easy monitoring of wash cycles.Passthrough design – Commercial kitchens dealing with higher volumes yet suffering from limited spaces have covered themselves with Adler dishwashers. These appliances have double doors. So, you can load your dirty dishes from one side and unload the clean ones from the other end.

From the unique features displayed by Adler dishwashers, it is believed that Evans Appliances will now be able to cater to the demands of the commercial sector more resolutely. According to the COO of the company, “We have always recognised the importance of equipping businesses with appliances that will uphold their standards of cleanliness and hygiene. By adding this brand to our collection, we expect to take significant strides and beat our competitors with wide coverage,” said the head of operations.

When searching for commercial dishwashers, Evans Appliances is a destination you must halt at to experience unparalleled cleaning power. The commercial kitchen environment of food establishments, hotels, hospitality businesses, and others in a similar field has to deal with a high volume. The features clearly reveal that Adler dishwashers provide premium dishwashing solutions and customers can anticipate outstanding service by upgrading their commercial kitchens with appliances from this brand.

If you have doubts in mind, feel free to visit its site, read through the product descriptions, and ask your queries by writing to them. They provide free and chargeable installations, both within local delivery areas, which is why they are popular in Kent and beyond in the UK.

About Evans Appliances:
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