Mumbai, Maharashtra, July 9, 2024 – BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to announce that K Ahuja Group, headquartered in Mumbai, has become a new client. The group has selected BatchMaster Web-based ERP, along with Tally Integration, to improve operational efficiency for its two units, Bombay Masala Company (BMC) and Komal Exotic Spices (KES).

K Ahuja Group, a fourth-generation family-run company with a history spanning over 60 years, specializes in premium spices and exotic dry fruits. Their global sourcing network extends across continents, with private facilities in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Indonesia, and Madagascar. They cultivate, acquire, and process products to preserve their natural integrity, offering a curated selection of exceptional quality and wholesomeness.

Previously, BMC and KES managed inventory levels using Google Sheets and handled accounting with Tally. However, integrating processes and monitoring production, inventory, and quality presented challenges. Despite creating a custom Google Sheets template for data entry, departmental synchronization remained incomplete.

The group sought software that could track production progress, anticipate challenges, and provide effective solutions. During their search, they determined that BatchMaster surpassed other options in terms of its functions and features specifically designed for the food industry. The solution was tailored to meet industry best practices, making BatchMaster their preferred choice.

They selected BatchMaster WEB ERP, which includes core modules such as Inventory, Purchase, Sales, MPS/MRP, Quality Control, Production, Laboratory, Formula, and Costing. They also requested customized report formats tailored to their specific needs.

Mr. Ganesh Ahuja, Managing Director of K Ahuja Foods, stated, “The inventory module will significantly impact our operations. The ability to manage product rejection, handle by-products, and monitor the entire conversion from raw materials to finished goods is only possible with a robust ERP system like BatchMaster.”

Concluding his thoughts, Mr. Ahuja emphasized the importance of real-time business data availability, particularly as he travels for 10 to 15 days each month. He anticipates accelerating his Sri Lankan operations using BatchMaster. Mr. Ahuja expressed his satisfaction with the BatchMaster journey, commending the team’s service, patience, and support in addressing all inquiries and managing changes.

Mr. Sanjay Panjwani, Managing Director at BatchMaster Software, added, “I am pleased to share that our solution has successfully addressed several of their challenges and will undoubtedly yield positive outcomes. We are dedicated to providing them with top-notch software solutions and services and look forward to seeing them achieve great success.”

About K Ahuja Foods (KAF):

K Ahuja Foods (KAF) is a fourth-generation family-run corporation deeply rooted in the food industry, with its origins dating back 60 years as Kirana store merchants. KAF is a leading supplier of exotic spices and premium dry fruits in India, with subsidiaries including Komal Exotic Spices, Bombay Masala Company, KAGRA Foods, and operations in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Indonesia, and Madagascar.

Their mission is to be the “Global Leader of Traditional Ingredients,” guided by values of “Quality & Integrity.” They continuously innovate “from the ground up,” backed by over six decades of procurement expertise.

They are committed to sourcing ingredients responsibly, using proprietary techniques to preserve natural integrity and deliver products of exceptional quality.

About BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd.:

BatchMaster ERP is a process manufacturing-based ERP software renowned for its tailored solutions and extensive industry expertise. With a focus on optimizing operations and enhancing profitability, BatchMaster ERP has successfully implemented over 3000+ global solutions, ensuring streamlined processes and superior customer satisfaction.

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