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Intelligent Diva is releasing a multi-faceted project including new music, merchandise, and a television mini-series.

Jacksonville, Florida, July 4, 2024 – Intelligent Diva continues to deliver hit after hit. Her latest single, “Darkest Pain,” has climbed the DRT Charts and cracked the top 10 on 7 radio stations across country, rock, and adult contemporary genres. “Do-Si-Do” is set to be even bigger. Intelligent Diva is known for her multi-genre hits, and this track blends country and pop influences. The song was produced by SFR Beats and engineered by Stone Schaefer.

Throughout July, Intelligent Diva will be releasing her new single “Do-Si-Do” and launching new merchandise from her country girl line, inspired by her recent country hits “Darkest Pain” and the upcoming “Do-Si-Do.” Her online merchandise store, IDM Merch Boutique, offers a wide variety of products including housewares, accessories, unisex t-shirts, hoodies, crop tops, jackets, and more.

On July 16th, Intelligent Diva will release Episode 2 of her 5-part mini-series, titled “Songbird Shares Her Darkest Pain.” This series is inspired by a skit from her “Music Is Art” album. Episode 1, “Songbird Returns,” has already been released. Episode 2 features a surprise new character played by Intelligent Diva. Each episode includes a song by Intelligent Diva.

Intelligent Diva’s creativity allows her to explore various aspects of the entertainment industry, fulfilling a dream she had five years ago. As an entrepreneur building her own empire, she offers a diverse range of products including music, merchandise, books, and television. She has personally invested in the production of every project under the Intelligent Diva Music Empire, ensuring diversity across all products and music genres.

“Do-Si-Do” will be released on all music platforms on July 5th under Intelligent Diva’s independent label, Diva Underground Records. There will be two versions of the song: an extended version and a radio version. Pre-save both versions using the links below:

Do-Si- Do (Extended version)

Do-Si- Do (Radio Version)

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