Tampa, Florida Apr 6, 2024  – Nathaniel Snyder Announces Congressional Candidacy for Florida’s 14th District
Snyder will be running not as a Democrat nor a Republican, but as a single father representing the interests of parents and families who seek real, lasting change in a system that leaves the middle class behind
has officially announced his candidacy for Congress in Florida’s 14th District.
Unlike most political candidates running, Snyder doesn’t have a background in politics or big money. Instead, he is a mechanic by trade and a single father of three sons. As a middle class worker and a parent to a disabled child, Snyder has seen just how harsh the current state of the educational system and system in general can be. He knows all too well the struggle of waiting on a late school bus while being late for work, as well as the sacrifice of missing meals to support his family.
Now, Snyder is running for Congress in the 14th District as a waymaker. He represents the interests of all families and parents who are weary of a system that holds middle class workers back and makes life significantly more difficult for those with special needs children.
As part of his platform, Snyder will combat fraud that lends to rising homeowner’s insurance rates, strengthen building codes, and provide financial assistance to homeowners in need. Snyder is also an advocate for doctor and prescription choice and providing allowances to cover such expenses for veterans. He is also committed to defending the National Guard so that it can remain under Florida’s leadership. Snyder also plans to elevate the private sector and strike down federal overreach while pursuing energy independence via nuclear energy.
“I will enter Washington, D.C., as a blue collar worker, and I will leave as a blue collar worker. Together, we will Bring America Home,” said Snyder.
Snyder also represents the interests of those who are tired of the broken two-party system and is running as a Libertarian. Learn more about Snyder’s vision for the 14th District by visiting his campaign page at and by watching his .
Nathaniel Snyder is a mechanic and single father running for Congress in Florida’s 14th District with a vision of making a palpable impact in the lives of parents and families who are tired of being left behind in a broken system.
Nathaniel Snyder
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