Expanding its pool of Microsoft Dynamics talent to Latin America, Kyyiv, Ukraine-based HireDynamicsDevelopers.com, a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting company, announces its expansion into the Latin American market. This initiative aims to capitalize on the rich pool of IT talent in the region to support growing global demand for Microsoft Dynamics professionals.

HireDynamicsDevelopers.com is a globally recognized Microsoft Dynamics consulting firm specializing in ERP and CRM solutions committed to delivering excellence and innovation by aligning global project demands with the best Microsoft Dynamics consultants and developers worldwide.

Tech talent markets in Latin America are marked by significant informality and stringent regulations, influencing employment dynamics. Recent studies highlight how these factors contribute to slower adjustment of employment to economic shocks, creating a resilient and adaptive workforce.

The Latin American IT sector is increasingly recognized for its skilled professionals in software development, including Microsoft Dynamics. HireDynamicsDevelopers.com plans to overcome global shortages of MS Dynamics experts and enhance its project delivery capabilities by tapping into this market. This strategic move is supported by data showing robust growth in the region’s tech industry and an increasing number of professionals skilled in Microsoft Dynamics 365 development and advanced technologies.

Precisely, as of May 2024, the MS Dynamics consultants pool in the following LatAm regions reaches the following numbers:

5k Dynamics Developers in Chile

“Within the last few years, we’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of requests from the US clients requesting for Dynamics consultants able to work according to the US time zone. While the primary talent geography of HireDynamicsDevelopers.com was focused on Eastern Europe, we’ve understood that in order to serve our US clients better, we need to expand our capabilities to Latin America and started an active recruiting campaign there,” says Ivan, Consultants Engagement Manager at HireDynamicsDevelopers.com.

“Expanding into Latin America strategically aligns with our vision to enhance global delivery capabilities while tapping into a diverse pool of tech talent,” continues Ivan. “This region both enriches our resource pool with highly skilled Dynamics professionals and strengthens our ability to innovate and meet complex project demands more efficiently. We are committed to leveraging this expansion to provide our clients with unmatched MS Dynamics 365 solutions that drive their businesses forward.”

This initiative aims to support business owners and managers seeking to enhance their teams with expert Microsoft Dynamics developers and consultants from the LATAM region. By partnering with HireDynamicsDevelopers.com for their recruitment needs, businesses can streamline their hiring processes, reduce operational costs, and access a wide network of highly skilled Dynamics professionals. Media Contact HireDynamicsDevelopers.com Source :HireDynamicsDevelopers.com