Sydney, New South Wales Jun 11, 2024  – By: Ramsay Banna SYDNEY – Hi-Ya today officially announced the start of its operation in Sydney and Australia.

Governments worldwide are embracing “Save the environment” initiatives, aiming to further the country’s reuse, share and recycle agenda while meeting society’s increased demands without excessive expenses.

With the growing trend of exchanges as an environmentally friendly alternative to buying, Hi-Ya sees great potential in the sector, particularly among hobbyists, DIYers and sports enthusiasts.

“Australia has always been a pioneer in similar initiatives,” said Mr. Ramsay Banna, Director, Hi-Ya Exchange. “The recent budget emphasis on environmentally friendly initiatives is a catalyst for growth in the field, and that is exactly what Hi-Ya exchange is here to do,” Ramsay Banna added, expressing his positivity and confidence in the company’s ability to contribute to the process.

Ramsay Banna also highlighted the opportunities available to his company, stating that they anticipate a strong intake in Australia and beyond. The company also advocates for Open Market and Exchange Market and plans to collaborate with other organizations with similar mindsets.

“With the sharing and exchanging industry growing exponentially with companies such as Uber, Airbnb and Home Exchange, we are extending the space to tools, equipment, machinery and sporting equipment,” Mr. Banna added. “We will ensure a smooth transition for its users by offering tried and tested trading methods.”

Hi-Ya exchange will employ the most effective methods to become a true partner for both end users and organizations.

Hi-Ya exchange will seek to expand its network of partners in all areas where it will benefit its users, partners and the community at large.

About Hi-Ya Exchange
Hi-Ya Exchange aims to be the leading tools and equipment exchange and swap platform serving people in Australia and beyond.

It will offer a way for everyone to engage in their hobbies with less spending and in a responsible way by reducing landfill waste.

Hi-Ya Exchange is therefore committed to contributing to the protection of the environment, mainly through the responsible reuse of equipment and the reduction of landfill waste.

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