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Helion Capital, a Dubai-based financial services firm, introduces its advanced investment strategies through the Helion Edge platform, formerly known as Akkrue Capital. Helion Edge focuses on diverse DeFi automation strategies designed to meet investors’ varied financial goals.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jun 25, 2024 – Helion Capital announces enhancements to the Helion Edge platform. The platform features a selection of high-performing vaults offering low-risk and market-neutral strategies.

Helion Edge provides various investment options catering to diverse investor needs and financial objectives. Helion Edge’s DeFi automation strategies include Helion InnoVault, Helion Perpetual Neutral Edge & Helion StableEdge, tailored solutions for conservative investors seeking stable and market-neutral returns. Helion Edge is also developing the Ethereum Edge strategy, aiming to provide investors with access to the potential upside of Ethereum while boosting returns through capturing compounded trading fees across various ETH-LSD pairs.

Oliver von Wolff, CEO & Founder of Helion Capital, commented, “Helion Edge strategies provide low-volatility, high-reward products, creating stable, risk-averse investment opportunities. This makes it ideal for investors seeking steady income with reduced market risk, as our available market-neutral strategies provide consistent returns regardless of the current market direction.”

The market-neutral strategies of Helion Edge leverage hedged positions to generate yield from trading fees and farming rewards. Automated rebalancing ensures the maintenance of optimal exposure, providing investors with peace of mind and confidence in their investment decisions.

With these advanced strategies, Helion Capital remains dedicated to delivering innovative and robust financial solutions through the Helion Edge platform, which adeptly caters to the unique financial objectives of its investors, ensuring stable and consistent returns.

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About Helion Capital Investment Ltd

Helion Capital, headquartered in Dubai and regulated by the DIFC, offers a comprehensive suite of financial products and advisory services tailored to meet the needs of institutional and high-net-worth individual (HNWI) investors. In addition to its financial services, Helion Capital accelerates the growth of promising enterprises through strategic guidance, mentorship, and resource allocation.

About Helion Edge

Helion Edge, formerly known as Akkrue Capital, is a DeFi automation technology firm based in Dubai. Specializing in automated DeFi yield strategies, Helion Edge enhances investment performance by leveraging cutting-edge automation technology and innovative financial strategies, providing investors with reliable and optimized returns.

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