Floor Land is delighted to partner with Feefo, the global reviews provider, in a sustainability project turning feedback into forests around the world.

Through Feefo’s new Treefo sustainability feature, Floor Land will reward its eco-conscious customers with a virtual tree token for every review they leave, funding tree-planting projects. Knowing that 69% of consumers say they are willing to make more sustainable choices, Floor Land offers a range of green products that could help the planet and appeal to the UK’s eco-minded consumer base.

Floor Land director Lee McCarthy said “Feedback into Forests could be a beneficial sustainable feature for everyone, and we at Floor Land will continue to pursue good corporate sustainability features like this in the future.”

Floor Land is pleased Ecologi is Feefo’s “trusted climate solution partner”. These projects are part of the portfolio of positive-impact projects that Ecologi funds through third-party verified project providers working with local communities to restore and regenerate landscapes.

With the climate action movement gaining momentum amid a boom in conscious consumerism, Floor Land says the platform can get involved too, in helping to mitigate the climate crisis and guide consumers through their sustainability journey.

Floor Land offers a wide range of cost-effective and modern laminate flooring, which is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly flooring options available. Supplying top-of-the-range products from market leaders such as Krono and Floorify, customers have a good choice of modern, sustainable flooring.

As more homeowners consider renovating their homes, their preferences lie with more eco-friendly options. Engineered wood flooring from Krono is a beautiful, robust, and another eco-friendly flooring option. It can greatly improve any room and can add a sense of sophistication and warmth – it can also increase the value of a property.

Both residential and commercial are choosing more ethical and environmentally friendly solutions for their building renovations, something Floor Land are very aware of.

Floor Land is delighted to collaborate with Feefo and Ecologi on their Feedback for Forests sustainability project. Floor Land is also offering a 5% discount to customers when they buy flooring products from the website – just enter the coupon FL5PERCENT at the checkout to save today!