Paris, France May 28, 2024  – Deoleo Digital Publishing LLC has come up with exciting news: Tony and Lorie Deoleo’s audiobooks are going to be live soon.

Proficient philanthropist, author, entrepreneur, and fitness trainer, Tony Deoleo and eminent author and entrepreneur Lorie Deoleo have always tried to put their efforts into offering guidance to the masses for a better livelihood. They have made a huge impact on wider audiences. and they are trying to reach even larger audiences with their audiobook collection. Now anyone would get the opportunity to get access to their exceptional books. Both of them have written various books that can help them choose the right path in life.

It is coming to know that they will launch the audiobooks in Paris, France on 27th May 2024 and in London on 28th May 2024. This news has created quite a sensation among all the readers. Some of their exemplary books that will be available as audiobooks are ‘Closing 100% of Your Fitness Consultations’, ‘The Engulfing Candle Strategy!’, ‘Seven Day Payday’, ‘The 4 Foundations of Fitness’, ‘The Art of Dealing’, and many more. These audiobooks are going to be available on   and   Thus, listen to their audiobooks on these audio streaming platforms without any hassle.

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