Cypher Tech, Inc., a forward-thinking tech company dedicated to enhancing employee experiences, has appointed Patricia Wortham as Head of Operations.

Austin, Texas Jun 12, 2024  – “We’re excited to welcome Patricia Wortham to Cypher Tech,” said Danish Jaffer, Founder and CEO. “Her proven ability to build effective HR departments, combined with her focus on employee well-being and inclusion, perfectly aligns with our mission. We’re confident that Patricia’s leadership and strategic vision will be instrumental in scaling our operations and fostering an inclusive and engaged work environment.”

About Patricia Wortham

Mrs. Wortham brings over 20 years of comprehensive human resources experience across various sectors, including financial services, legal, and energy. She specializes in building and tailoring HR departments to meet the unique needs and cultures of each organization.

Guided by mentors from leading corporations, Mrs. Wortham embodies a balanced approach that combines strategic HR planning with empathy. This unique approach fosters connection and compassion within the workplace, ensuring that employees feel valued and supported.

In her new role, Mrs. Wortham will leverage her expertise to support the continued growth of Cypher Tech’s groundbreaking SafeSpace solution. This innovative platform empowers employees to share concerns, seek career guidance, and access support resources – all within a secure and inclusive environment. She will work closely with the Cypher Tech team, including the Founder and CEO, boards, and partners, as well as external partners and clients.

Mrs. Wortham expressed her enthusiasm, “I am thrilled to join the rapidly growing and crucial segments of legal labor relations and HR employee engagement. Cypher Tech offers a solution where everyone can be heard, whether an employee or a bystander. SafeSpace provides a place to share your story, whether for incident reporting, career-building assistance, or counseling on topics such as caring for a parent, child, or yourself. The SafeSpace solution has many valuable features designed to offer support.”

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empowers organizations to build inclusive and high-performing cultures where employees feel valued, heard, and empowered. Our comprehensive solution enables proactive issue identification and resolution, fostering a positive employee experience, engagement, and overall well-being.

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