The tech company Cisco recently completed its acquisition of Isovalent. Both organizations are coming together to bring better changes in technology.San Jose, California Apr 13, 2024  – Cisco, the global technology leader, has completed its acquisition of Isovalent. Both of the companies have come together to provide protection to the workload on the cloud. It is now known that Cisco will give its support to Tetragon, Cilium,eBPF, and all the cloud-native open sources. This acquisition aims to provide better security in multi-cloud networking. This particular initiative will also be helpful in Cisco’s Security Cloud vision, cloud delivery, and security platform designs through artificial intelligence.
Isovalent is one of the biggest contributors to open-source technology eBPF. Along with that, they have also made many developments to cloud-native solutions like Tetragon and Cilium. This way, they are making the IT industry much more developed. With their proficient initiative, they are enhancing the visibility of cloud interactions. Along with that, it is also helping to make the software even better. Thus, from this acquisition, it is known that they will bring even more development with this enforcement.
Multicloud Networking and Security is the future. All these are the most important things in cloud networking. From this, it can be understood that the acquisition can make more developments. Additionally, Cisco is a company that commits to providing security in multi-cloud networking in the future. And this enforcement has the caliber to enhance the visibility even more. Thus in the future, everyone will get much better services from Cisco and also will have better multi-cloud networking, which will make a huge impact on the technological field.
In addition to that, the acquisition of Cisco and Isovalent will try to transform infrastructure, bring development in hybrid works, and attain sustainable goals in a much better way. Thus, it can be expected that it will really make a better impact on all.Media ContactDaniel Martin Source :Daniel Martin