Exclusive Book Promotion Offer on International Yoga Day

In celebration of International Yoga Day, Bookscrit is offering a 15% discount on its book promotion services to help authors reach their target audience and boost book sales.

California City, California Jun 21, 2024 ¬†–¬†Every author strives to connect with their intended audience, achieving greater visibility as a writer and ultimately driving more book sales. Bookscrit offers a comprehensive approach to help you achieve these goals. This International Yoga Day, take advantage of a 15% discount on their range of book marketing services. They provide a variety of options, including press release distribution and various content marketing strategies. They have carefully curated a package of effective content marketing solutions to showcase your book releases. To truly promote a book, it’s essential to incorporate elements like an author’s media kit and online advertising. Combining these marketing strategies can create the most impactful results for your books.

With their , any author can access a comprehensive suite of book marketing approaches. These services ensure increased global visibility and sales for your books. To get started, simply share your email address in the designated box on their website. The next page will detail their press release distribution options. You can choose between two tiers: the Primary Tier distributes your press release to over 145 sites, while the Expert-tier reaches more than 195 news sites. Select the option that best suits your book’s distribution needs.

Their eBook promotion services offer options such as book reviews and introductory distribution to generate greater interest in your releases. Another option includes a book review, news release, and book introduction to further enhance your book’s visibility. You can also opt for individual content marketing services like news distribution, blog posts, and interviews to attract attention to your books. Consider ordering an ‘Author Media Kit’ (AMK) to amplify your marketing efforts. They offer both a 5-page and an 8-page kit, allowing you to choose the option that best aligns with your requirements and budget. Once you’ve selected an option on this page, proceed to the next step.

This section features Google display ads and other social media promotional options to promote your book. To reach your target audience effectively, consider their social media promotions, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram campaigns. Their book promotion services are designed to garner significant attention. To begin the process, provide your name, email address, and additional information about your book. After completing this section, move on to the next step to finalize the payment. You can choose to pay via PayPal or credit card. Whether you’re looking to promote your books or Kindle editions, you can access the same services for both formats. Take advantage of the flat 15% discount on all services this International Yoga Day.

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Bookscrit is a reputable book marketing website that delivers exceptional results within a short timeframe. Their services have helped numerous authors effectively reach their reader base.

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