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Anny Slater is an IP lawyer whose first short film was eligible for an Oscar nomination. The same film was honored by inclusion in the AMPAS Archive, which collects films representing significant contributions to the art and science of filmmaking.

Sydney, New South Wales Jul 7, 2024  – Anny Slater is an IP lawyer and filmmaker whose first short film qualified for an Oscar nomination. The film was recently recognized by inclusion in the AMPAS Archive, which collects films that represent significant contributions to the art and science of motion pictures.

Few people can claim mastery over both the legal and creative aspects of an industry.

Anny Slater, a seasoned intellectual property lawyer with over 25 years of experience, is not only a legal expert but also an award-winning filmmaker.

Balancing the scales of justice with the art of storytelling is something we were eager to learn more about.

As an IP lawyer

Anny, a sole practitioner at Slaters Intellectual Property Lawyers, has spent over 25 years representing clients in various legal matters across all industries.

Her expertise spans from contracts, intellectual property litigation, infringement, and consumer issues to passing off, due diligence, worldwide intellectual property rights, confidential information protection, and privacy.

Her legal expertise has made her a trusted advisor, ensuring that her clients’ intellectual property works are identified, protected, and properly managed.

“There is an abundance of legal risks you need to get to the bottom of at the early stages of production. That way you can ensure a project flows as smoothly as possible, and that step applies across all industries, not just film”.

As a filmmaker

But it is Anny’s filmmaking interests that have truly set her apart.

She is a graduate of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS), and her filmography has received significant recognition, both nationally and internationally.

Her original work, “Masterpeer Theatre,” earned her a nomination for Best Direction in an Animation at the Australian Director’s Guild Awards. She was also a writer for the TV show Comedy Inc – The Late Shift.

Recently, her collective film work was also honored by the Australian Government and included in Australia’s National Collection held at the National Film and Sound Archive.

Recognized by the U.S film industry

But Anny’s success wasn’t just recognized here in Australia.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) – the organization that runs the Oscars – has curated her work into the AMPAS Film Archive.

The AMPAS Film Archive collects, preserves, and provides access to films that represent significant contributions to the art and science of motion pictures.

Anny’s live-action political comedy “The Ball” was eligible for nomination in the Best Live Action Short category of the Academy Awards, received a United Nations Media Peace Prize nomination, and won a Christopher Wetzel Comedy Award from Chicago’s Gene Siskel Center.

Her talent has also not gone unnoticed by celebrities. Oscar winner Michael Moore personally selected her to screen her work at his Traverse City Film Festival and invited her to teach at his film school in Michigan, where she received rave reviews for her engaging and insightful instruction.

Even Sony Pictures International commissioned her to write, direct, and produce the original animated series “Barney the White House Terrier,” which was distributed through Sony Pictures’ mobile network and television.

“Whilst I’m a lawyer, I also have the urge to embrace my creative side,” Anny said. “And I’ve been incredibly fortunate that I’ve been able to grow a successful legal career, but also carry on my interest in filmmaking.”

“Lawyers are storytellers, and so it’s natural that we want to tell our stories on the silver screen”.

Anny’s future in law and film

Anny’s combined interests are not slowing down anytime soon.

Her screenplay “The 7 Trials of Roman Pilgrim”, inspired by her time working in the law, won Best Screenplay at the Moondance International Film Festival and the Disney-sponsored International Family Film Festival in Los Angeles. The film has been shot and is currently in post-production.

Anny continues to write screenplays and produce in her spare time when she can, but her primary focus is on serving her clients and guiding them through a challenging legal minefield.

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