Amazon has come with ‘Just Walk Out’ where grocery bills will be generated through sensors and cameras. 1000 Indians are a part of this new project.Seattle, Washington Apr 3, 2024  – Amazon is introducing the Just Walk Out feature for its Fresh grocery stores. This initiative has been taken in the United States as of now. With the help of artificial intelligence, they are going to offer the facility of a self-checkout system. With this particular technology, one would get the bill while walking out of the store. The bill will be prepared with the help of sensors and cameras. Bill will be generated on what items have been added to the carts. It is a great initiative that might be helpful for all. Amazon has said ‘The feat is a combination of computer vision, object recognition, advanced sensors, deep machine learning models, and generative AI–a type of artificial intelligence that has recently captured the public’s imagination’.

The vice president of Just Walk Out, Jon Jenkins has stated ‘Our tech is able to distinguish shoppers from one another, without collecting or using any of their biometric information. Just Walk Out technology detects when a shopper’s hand interacts with a product on the shelf. When that happens, machine learning algorithms make sure the correct item is added to the virtual cart–all without any specific knowledge about the person’.

From one of the reports, it is coming to know that ‘Just over half of Amazon Fresh stores are equipped with Just Walk Out. The technology allows customers to skip checkout altogether by scanning a QR code when they enter the store. Though it seemed completely automated, Just Walk Out relied on more than 1,000 people in India watching and labeling videos to ensure accurate checkouts. The cashiers were simply moved off-site, and they watched you as you shopped’.

Amazon is trying to offer the facility of advanced technology to its clients. But it might be a little difficult to maintain all the equipment. According to reports, it is coming to know that all these are quite expensive and also difficult to maintain. And that is why everyone is waiting for Just Walk Out to be completely implemented.Media ContactDaniel Martin Source :Daniel Martin